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The Meaning Moment: How a New Generation of Workers Is Changing the American Workplace

Many Americans want to leave their jobs for opportunities that feel more meaningful. But "meaning" means something different to every generation. Download the whitepaper from TED Speaker and author Bruce Feiler to learn more about attracting and retaining this generation of workers.

Download the Whitepaper

Bruce Feiler, TED Speaker and author examines how different generations are finding true meaning in today's workplace.

This whitepaper provides valuable guidance for workers and organizational leaders alike, including essential practices such as conducting personal meaning audits, promoting a purpose-driven agenda and using meaningful language to foster trust and engagement in the workplace.

Bruce highlights how to:

  • Provide continuous learning opportunities and cross-generational mentorship
  • Implement meaningful language and effective communication strategies
  • Conduct personal meaning audits and promote meaning agenda
  • Balance flexible work policies without compromising productivity

“People who are happiest at work don’t climb, they dig.”

- Bruce Feiler, The Search: Finding Meaningful Work in a Post-Career World

Download the whitepaper below!

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