How does your team find meaning at work? TED Speaker and author Bruce Feiler explores the value of meaning for today's workforce and the role it plays in retention. Download the whitepaper
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Inspire your workforce. Transform your culture.

Workplace culture is driven by human connection. TED@Work combines bold, mind-shifting TED Talks with group learning tools to promote new ways of working and learning – together.

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A learning experience your team will love

With a focus on core skills like communication, culture-building, DEI, and more, TED@Work’s thoughtfully curated content library is designed to spark personal and professional growth.


learners reached globally


client NPS


increase in discussions in client organizations


say TED offers them a new perspective

Our blended learning program was built by TED's L&D experts.

Encourage learning and transform culture

Fuel self-directed learning and powerful group discussions to foster real change in your organization.

Tailored to your learning ecosystem

A flexible solution delivered on the platforms and channels your learners use. Works with any LMS and LXP on the market. Includes tools to help you onboard, measure, promote and optimize TED@Work.

Strategic guidance and curation

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager will align TED@Work to your organization’s goals with a custom approach. Includes curation, launch, and implementation strategy.

Work smarter. 

Respond to change faster. 

Choose learning that will really engage people.

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Help your people and organization adapt faster to the future of work

Develop new skills, create new ways of working — and make it measurable. Our regularly updated content covers the most urgent skills and topics, from critical leadership skills to well-being, DEI to digital transformation.

Spark learning and shift perspectives

Harness the power of TED to curate and deliver ideas that really engage people. We offer unconventional and relevant learning built on powerful human stories, delivered by passionate, world-class speakers.

Empower your people by fostering a democratized learning culture

Great ideas can come from anywhere in the organization, but what spaces are you creating to unearth them? Uncover fresh perspectives and help individuals at all levels build influence and visibility with discussion-based learning toolkits.

“With TED@Work, we’ve been able to authentically curate a vibrant work culture by exchanging ideas and engaging people in disparate parts of the world on topics important to our business - and to individuals, through impactful moments that matter.”

- TED@Work Client

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