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Bring the power of TED to your business

Curate a TEDx event your organization will never forget

Use our world-famous conference format to engage your organization on a whole new level. Showcase thought leadership, drive innovation and shape company culture.

TEDx Business can help you create a space to prioritize idea-sharing and teach individuals across the org. And it can be used in a virtual, hybrid or in-person environment!

Apply for a License

Why host a TEDx Business Event?

Staff engagement can be a challenge. Whether you're encouraging folks to return to the office or build connections in a hybrid workforce, TEDx Business is a unique, engaging way to bring teams together.

Align the organizationReinforce your org's strategic vision

Co-create solutions to reach goals and transform the org, sharing ideas on how to get there together. Create a space to join employees in global offices. You can even align TEDx events with important announcements!

Retain staffCreate an unmatched employee experience

Leverage the TED brand to generate excitement and execute an event that has a memorable, lasting impact. Plus, organizers and speakers can gain valuable career experience by participating in a TEDx event.

Uncover new ideasCelebrate innovators and reward rising stars

Show employees that good ideas can come from anywhere in the organization, from all levels and backgrounds. TEDx Business is a stage to spotlight high-potential talent and thought leaders at your organization.

To activate an event, you’ll need a TEDx Business license. If you’re interested in applying for one, please fill out our licensing form!

Please share some details about your event, so we can start planning a transformational experience for your organization.

*With an employee-focused spirit, please note that TEDx Business Events are internal only.

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