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Communication + public speaking training with TED's Speaker Coaches

Get hands-on training from the same coaches who prepare TED Speakers for the main stage.

TED Training is a highly interactive communication and public speaking class, led by TED’s Speaker Coaching team.

This program is perfect for C-level execs, senior leadership and other teams aiming to build trust, engagement and credibility with their audience.

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How is TED Training different from other public speaking classes?

TED Training teaches participants to communicate more clearly, persuasively and authentically – in the same way that makes TED Talks so compelling. Our training covers everything from content development (what you say) to message delivery (how you say it).

World-class speaking skillsLearn to present ideas like a TED Speaker

Participants learn to infuse presentations, keynotes, meetings and even Q&A sessions with the same communication skills and techniques that make TED Talks so powerful and engaging.

One-of-a-kind coachingAn exclusive experience only available through TED

With decades of experience in executive communication coaching, TED’s Head of Speaker Coaching, Briar Goldberg, and her team deliver an unmatched training experience. Briar has advised Fortune 100 companies – including the CEOs of Facebook, Ford and Levi’s – and been featured in the WSJ, Fortune, CNN and ABC News.

Flexible programmingCustomized to fit your organization’s needs

This program is highly customizable, based on your company's goals, number of participants and the topics covered. We offer half-day workshops, full-day workshops, 60-90 minute sessions or 1:1 coaching.

Find out how TED Training can support your organization's communication training needs

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TED Training participants will learn to:

🔴 Build more credibility and earn audience trust

🔴 Use the pillars of persuasive message delivery to motivate all audiences

🔴 Craft messages that rally group support

🔴 Ensure speaker/audience alignment, even when delivering difficult messages

🔴 Influence the visual, auditory and emotional attention of an audience

🔴 Communicate in an authentic manner over video/phone

Customizable ways to use TED Training

⚫️ Prep participants for internal or external speaking engagements like keynotes, interviews, company announcements and more

⚫️ Support leadership as they navigate organizational shifts

⚫️ Invest in (and retain) top talent with an unmatched professional development opportunity

⚫️ Offer TED Training as a premium “thank you” gift for clients, employees or special loyalty programs

"One of the very best training sessions I've had in my career. The instructor was amazing. Professional, yet personal, and funny too! I really enjoyed this training. I want more of it!"

TED Training participant feedback

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