How can I use TED@Work?

You can get it through TED! We’d love to understand more about your organization and how you’d like to integrate TED@Work. Reach out to us here and we'll be in touch.

To use or share TED Talks within my organization in a compliant way, do I need a license?

Yes, TED Talks are published under a Creative Commons license that does not include use for staff learning and development inside corporations and organizations. Read more here. If you’re interested in using TED Talks in any way at your company, please reach out to us and we’re happy to work with you to make it happen.

Does TED@Work integrate with my LMS or LEP/LXP?

TED@Work seamlessly integrates with any industry-standard LMS or LEP/LXP that can integrate SCORM or AICC content (there are also other ways to access TED content included in the license). All content is optimized for mobile use. TED@Work also includes a number of materials and tools for discussion-based learning and for using TED Talks offline, outside of the LMS/LEP/LXP.

Can I get TED@Work for personal use?

TED@Work is for organizations and businesses to license and use within an enterprise learning ecosystem. If you’re an individual, check out ted.com and join our community.

Can I use TED@Work for my class or school?

Currently, TED@Work has been developed for businesses and organizations – including nonprofit universities and institutions who are looking to use TED for employee learning. If you’re an educator, check out all of the amazing programs that TED-Ed has to offer.

What platforms are compatible with TED@Work?

TED@Work seamlessly integrates with any LMS and LEP, and includes content to use on an Intranet or internal site where videos and links can be hosted.

I already use TED Talks at my company. What is different about TED@Work?

We’ve talked to hundreds of learning leaders who love TED, to understand their needs for more specific curation and for elevating TED Talks from inspirational videos into actionable learning objects. They also wanted to use TED Talks to seed meaningful discussions. We built this product based on that feedback. TED@Work aims to improve the way people, teams and organizations work. Using TED Talks for corporate learning is a use case that requires a license according to TED's usage policy, and TED@Work also enables compliant use of TED.

Is TED@Work available in different languages?

TED Talks are available in over 100 subtitle languages! The TED@Work library includes over 95% subtitle coverage in Brazilian Portuguese, French, Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin Chinese, to name a few.

We are also fully localizing courses and written materials into multiple languages, to further our mission of making content accessible to all audiences. We currently have courses available in 6 languages, and we are evaluating different needs for global solutions and priority languages. Please reach out and we’d love to chat.

What is the library of TED content within TED@Work?

TED@Work includes over 600 of the most relevant TED Talks and TED-Ed lessons for business, each of which has been enhanced with a 4-step learning framework. We’ve also included new TED Original content. We add new content to the platform on a regular basis to make sure you’re getting the latest and greatest from TED.

How will TED@Work benefit my company’s overall learning initiatives?

TED’s unique approach to workplace learning focuses on topics around which you are looking to develop skills and support knowledge acquisition among your learners. We are an ideas company with access to some of the best minds in different industries. Our goal is to infuse your company with these ideas to motivate and inspire your workforce.

What are the topics or skills covered in TED@Work?

A few of the key categories include leadership, collaboration, emotional intelligence, embracing change, and digital transformation. We also have a TED Masterclass program for public speaking. We’re happy to share our full taxonomy and library - please reach out!

What is the TED Masterclass communication program?

TED Masterclass is a course that will teach your organization how to identify, develop and share their best ideas, to help you surface and celebrate the best ideas within your organization. TED Masterclass was originally developed in a mobile app-based format, but has been adapted for integration with any LMS or LEP. Learn more about the program here.

What are other ways for organizations to partner with TED?

We have lots! We collaborate with companies to create custom content, bespoke events, executive speaker training and more. Learn more and explore our full slate of partnership opportunities at tedpartnerships.com.

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